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by KF8KK

iook amateur radio and enjoyable fun are indeed compatible




Hey... cut me some gas-- er, slack!

With great fanfare, the IOOK Technology Centre is pleased to announce the first in a complete line of IOOK ScreenSavers!

HossSaver 0.1beta is the ultimate in tasteful use of your computer screen. Let Hoss act as your computer guardian and scare away unauthorized users in his special way. (Sorry Charlie, no macs)

CLICK HERE to download (1.1m)

Check out the items of unofficial IOOK-ware that I have made available for online purchase. At the moment, there is a couple of shirts, coffee mugs and a mouse pad.  All emblazoned with artwork that comes somewhat close to the official IOOK logo (sort of like what's at the upper right of this page).

These items are available via an affiliation with, who will handle all the printing/shipping/sales.. and then just send me gobs of money when the orders roll in.  Yea, right-- er, left.  

The way it works is this...  All the prices shown for the items are $2 more than the base cost that CafePress charges for its part in this whole scheme.  The "profit" from the sales, eventually is to be sent to me (and I take a nice vacation to the Caribbean--NOT).  Whatever money I get from these sales will be handed over to Hoss ZAI for the IOOK-FF (IOOK Flower Fund).  If sales are brisk, we may change the name to something more appropriate-- the IOOK-RF (retirement fund) and we all could quit working and go play with a rubber ducky.

I must add that is not setup to properly create the OFFICIAL attire of the IOOK.  They do not have the blue shirts. Bummer. So, you still need to get in touch with that ZWJ guy for official IOOKware.  I guess that makes my stuff "cheap California knockoffs".

The items available are currently:

Standard IOOK logo shirts/mugs/mousepad  

"This Frequency is in use old man" (IOOK logo on front).

I Like Hoss shirts/mugs/mousepad